We’ve Moved

What a process moving is.  We didn’t realize how much effort goes into even a local move, and we now have a much better understanding of what the Bean is going through trying to prep for a very long distance move, all the way across the country, coast-to-coast as they say.

Please pardon the photos – someone couldn’t hold the camera still (not naming names).

We had to do it bit by bit, and truthfully, there is still a bit of stuff over at my place, though not much.  Smidge’s “partmental” (as she calls it) was crammed with stuff.  Thought we’d never get the last of it out, and it naturally retains the kitchen appliances. Who knew she could get so much stuff in such a tiny space.  Where there’s a will, there is Smidge.Smidge's new room

Kele and I did some better.  Our things fit nicely into our room, and my nice chair, though a different style, looks fine in the living room, along with the two end tables.  Good think I had those – there was a sofa and chair in there, but that was just about all. living room and clinic

The more troublesome aspect is what to do with the other furniture that was originally in the house.  We kept a couple of beds, one in Smidge’s room for when Voir visits, and one in my room, in case Kele ever decides to move from the hammock, which is also in there.  Snip and Kele's new room

There were still a couple of left-over beds.  We used Smidge’s kitchen things in the new place, but we couldn’t use that and the original kitchen cabinet, dining table, and a dining hutch.  They were really nice and we hated to not use them.  Bean says maybe the yard sale, maybe an eBay sale, maybe…  Also found another kitchen table and some chairs, plus a bunch of little kid toys. Kitchen

There was a lot of china left out from the original Big House stuff, so we may end up swapping out our table, chairs, and kitchen hutch for what was left over.  We’re gonna live with it for a week and then see.  We also need the plumber back.  The hot water faucet fell off the kitchen sink.  We used the shut-off valve to keep from flooding the place and wasting hot water.

But you can now address us at THE BIG HOUSE, Noble Ave, Richmond.

We live in a big house!!!

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