Merry Krismiss! We’ve been hacked!

There we were, minding our own business, and up popped an email from WordPress, saying we were among those who were “compromised.”  Hmm.  They claim “This list was not generated as the result of any exploit on, but rather someone gaining access to the email & password combination you also used on another service.”  Say what?

Well, Merry Krismiss to us, then.

We have suitably changed it, but it does make one wonder on which service we were supposedly hacked if not this one.  It would be so much more useful to know that, now wouldn’t it?  Do we live forever, wondering if it was Facebook?  Was it our other email? Was it…  You see where this is going, right.  A full life of paranoia.  Forever.  We were compromised.

Our Krismiss tree was also compromised – only about a dozen ornaments on it this year and only on the front side.  LOL.  Bean didn’t feel like hauling up boxes from the basement on her own, so this happened?  Still, it’s lit and looks sort of OK from the front.  Sort of.  Hey, it’s up, OK?

Meanwhile, we wait for the other shoe to drop in terms of our compromised situation.  Who will strike next?  And we need our shoes – our family often uses them in place of stockings.  Oh dear.

Merry Krismiss everyone, everywhere.  Aaa-chooooooooooo! Excuse me.

Magic in the air (3)


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