Returning to our regular column

So with Smidge and Voir off on their grand adventure in Hawaii, I can begin to think about the holidays…hopefully, not alone. I’m sort of assuming the Ruruko clan will invite me over to spend some of the time with them. That way I’ll have company…and speaking of, Dear Daughter (Auntie Sara), her girls, and their gang of Rurukos and Littles will be joining us for our annual pre-Krismiss dinner this year.

The Bean says nobody should have to cook on a holiday if they don’t want to, and she’s declared that Krismiss is her holiday to sit down and put up her feet. Instead, she prepares a big meal for Krismiss Eve and does everything she can for the entire next day ahead.  We do get a nice breakfast as well as delicious leftovers for the rest of the day, so who cares when the food gets made (other than the maker) as long as we are fed!

So the plan is for the family and extended family to show up early, and spend the day playing games together, including the younger Beanettes, dining on something yummy all day long, and opening gifts to each other.  A lovely way to spend the day and evening together, I think.

So Bean announced today that we have a week now to prepare the house (not all the décor is up yet) and buy more foods and wrap the presents and hit the stores for stuff we forgot and let’s not overlook standing in line at the post office….

Yup, nothing to do this week but wait. Wait.

Wait for it…

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