Open letter to Smidge

Dear Cousin Smidge,

So here I am, in chilly Virginia, while your and your Bestie (Voir de Wizzy) are about to head off to sunny, warm, and wonderful Hawaii.  Did I mention the multiple inches of snow we had last week. 😦

My title picture for this week is a pink Krismiss tree in honor of you two, since you both love pink.  I doubt that there are any pink Krismiss trees there in Hawaii, but I have it on good authority that you have pink striped beach towels, and that may have to do.  I can imagine you, lying on the warm beach sand, listening to the waves with your Bestie.

Since I have no Bestie, I will live vicariously through you and Voir as you enjoy your fabulous and tropical beach vacation, probably not missing the snow one bit.  (((~shiver~)))  I’m sure the adventure will be spectacular, even without me along to entertain you.  It must be so special to have a best friend with whom to go on adventures and just hang out. I don’t know much about that, other than through what you tell me about being with Voir, and what our Bean tells me about hanging with her own Bestie. I’d like to know more, but first I’d have to find a Bestie, which simply hasn’t been in the cards for me.  *sigh*  But I refuse to give up hope. Maybe you can bring one back as a souvenir from Hawaii!  Haha – kidding (but only sort of).

Anyway, since you leave this week, I wanted you and Voir to be able to see this before you go so you’ll know that I’m thinking about you two pals, off on the GRAND Krismiss adventure.

Have fun and don’t worry about a thing – I am in charge here and have everything (mostly … almost) under control.

Love and hugs, cousin Snip

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