The week alone

Smidge, Pinkly, and the Bean left with Auntie Sara on Saturday morning, bound for a week atop the Boston Mts. in Winslow, AR to wood carve.  Smidge reported in Sunday evening to say they had collected Auntie Glenda, Pip, and Amalynn from Ft. Smith, at the bottom of the mountain from a hotel near the airport, and taken them up the mountain where they will be carving for the week. Wizzy, Mr. Wiz, and Voir were there waiting for their arrival. Bean reports the weather is spectacular.

Everything went mostly swimmingly, but poor Wiz had a painful shoulder/neck that prevented her from holding a piece of wood and a knife.  She and Mr. Wiz left Wednesday morning to go home for therapy and pain relieve, taking dear Voir and our Smidge with them.  They arrived safely.

The clan of dragons are coming along nicely.  Today, they get their tails  Tails are important.

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