Well, I FINALLY found out what all the phone calls, whispers, texts, and emails were about.  Apparently, we are moving! OK, don’t panic.  We aren’t moving today, but probably in about 7-8 months.  And we aren’t dropping off the face of the earth.

Here’s what I learned.  The Bean has been worried that, without Mr. Bean living with her in the humongous 3-story + basement and separate carriage house with living quarters over the three-car garage with workspace, she would fall down the basement and languish, due to her medical issues, or potentially be unable to get up the steep stairs to bed, or even get to the grocery or the doctor.  The last time she got sick, she had to drive herself, and even in her very iffy condition was dimly aware that she should NOT be behind the wheel of a car.  She needed to have someone near her who could drop everything (if need be) and come to her rescue.

Dearest young Daughter who lives closest is a single mom of two with a full time job.  Older Daughter, the family Princess, has three girls, a newish marriage, a full time job, and lives in South Carolina.  Reliable Son and Dear DIL (our Auntie Glenda) live on the West Coast, but because of their work and lifestyle, they could drop everything and come to Bean’s aid.  The solution seemed to be for Bean to move there. So Bean began looking at houses and found one that’s perfect for her in Everett, WA, less than a half hour from Son, Auntie Glenda, Cousin Pip, and Cousin Amalynn.  An offer, a counter-offer, and finally agreement.  Then on to closing … almost.

The inspection revealed many unfinished aspects of a totally remodeled home: plug still in drain to dishwasher so flooded floor, leaks in a couple of spots, improper corrugated drain pipes, missing bushings, no seismic straps on the water heater, a missing strike plate, improperly laid vinyl plank flooring in two bathrooms, a window that won’t lock, and so on.  Nearly all were things that a diligent contractor should have ensured were finished before the place was listed, much less nearly two months after a previous offer that supposedly fell through due to financing. They were supposed to close Wednesday but that got pushed to Friday because they are still fixing all the stuff that should have been done months ago.  And on Friday, they were originally supposed to close on another property they own in Richmond, VA, but that got pushed to… somewhere, hopefully just next week.  Still trying to sort that out, apparently.  The buyer’s attorney has fallen down on the job in that case.  So two closings were to take place, and everything got messed up. The Bean keeps sighing.  It’s not pretty.  She is rather stressed.

So now we know, and like wow!  All of us dollies, especially Smidge, are freaked out.  Everyone wants to know whether they are going to get come too, if so, how they are getting from the East Coast to the West Coast, and how will their lives change.  We did some research, and it’s 2, 891 miles.  That’s a long, loo-oo-ong trip.  And Bean says not everyone can go in the car.  She did say that probably the Rurukos, Smidge, and I would come with her, however.  The old cat will be going first class on a non-stop airplane flight, courtesy of Mr. Bean.  Of course he has to first get her to the airport, which for a non-stop flight is three hours away.  She’s a VERY vocal cat on car rides, though extremely quiet in the house.  Bet he drives really fast!  Glad I won’t be there to hear her.  Oh, but then we have to pick her up from the airport in Seattle and bring her back to the new home…uh, Smidge and I think maybe we’ll just stay at the house that day. Yikes.

Meanwhile, Bean is hustling like nobody’s business to organize, clean, and purge the BIG HOUSE to ready it for market (yes, another house to sell) to the first buyer with handy cash and not too many contingencies.  She’s hustling us too, saying all of us have to start cleaning up our stuff and packing up. Like right now, preferably yesterday if not sooner.

It’s good to get a jump on things since it may take us till next July to even get ready to leave.

3 thoughts on “HOLY COW!

  1. [Snip here] Sure you can visit. You may have to split up, some with us and some with Auntie Glenda (maybe trade off so we each get some of both of you), but you are very welcome to come. We hope you can. And we promise to visit, too.


  2. Oh, my goodness, indeed! That’s a lot of work and bother and work and fussing and work! You’re gonna love it there, though, and by summer, you’ll be so happy you’ll bounce enerywhere.


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