Sister from another mother & Besties

This week, my Hooman Bean and her Bestie managed to finally have an evening together after months of trying, and Bean reported they had a wonderful time beside an outdoor fire, watching stars and searching the sky for meteors, the Orionids.  Bestie is young enough to have been my Bean’s daughter or even a granddaughter, yet they somehow bonded like sisters over 10 years ago and remain steadfast friends.

This just reminds me of how friendships can be every bit as strong as true sisterhood.  Blood is not always thicker – sometimes it’s the tight bond of friendship that brings two people together as if they were family.

My cousin Smidge, who also lives with us, has a Bestie who lives far away in Minnesota.  My other cousin Pip, who lives in Washington state, has a Bestie here in Virginia who happens to be my other cousin, Kestrel.  The big dollies who live here with us seem to have some sort of group friendship thing going – they are always together having fun.  Nobody ever pushes me away, but I don’t have a Bestie and I wish I did.  Besties seem to have a very special relationship.

If you have a Bestie, be sure you tell him – or her – so.  It’s the friendly thing to do.

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