This week, it was all about plumbing.  Smidge, out of desperation, installed her own potty in her kitchen.  Yup, she was out of room anywhere else.  She does, after all, have to cram in kitchen, bedroom, dining, and clinic space into one small boxed area.

On the other hand, I have to travel all the way from my breadbox to her place or else use the Hitty’s facilities.  A doll’s life is not easy.

But the hooman Beans will have a new bathroom any second…ok, any day.  The demo is finished, the plumbing repairs complete, a new subfloor with tile laid in the bathroom, and only grout to go.  Oh, that and the pesky necessary appliances, toilet and vanity.

Bathrooms, a necessity of modern, civilized life.  They are everywhere: in groceries, malls, airports, etc.  Even on some street corners.  Bean told me about the booth she saw on a street corner in Seattle.  You put in your money, go into the booth, and do your business.  The pay factor keeps out the homeless and vandals, and helps to keep it clean. Pretty neat, if a bit public, and a definite upgrade from those porta-potty things.

Homes used to have outhouses (as Bean’s grandma did till Bean was 12), then indoor water closets.  A home with a bath became typical, and then two baths, and now a master with two vanities with sinks, separate spa tub, glass 2-person shower, and that important water closet is typical. We just want a basic bathroom with toilet, not too much to ask.

This house in which we live was built in 1915, and we think it’s undergone a number of upgrades since it was built, though we suspect indoor plumbing was always a feature since it’s located within the original planned neighborhood in our city and listed in the National Registry of Historic Places.  It was meant for the well-to-do, though it’s surrounded now by less than stellar communities, a little island unto itself.  We know that the first and third floor baths were added, and we believe the second floor baths may have been separated or added-to at some point to turn them from one bath to two.  Only one has a shower, somewhat newer, and the other a relic of a tub, not even fancy enough to boast claw feet, and currently with faucets that don’t work.  We are excited to know that, soon, both second-floor bathrooms will have mostly useable facilities once again.

This means we can have company who will be comfortable.  Very good stuff.

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