Under Construction

And don’t you just know, when it rains it … well, it’s not exactly raining, but we are flush with major destruction and reconstruction, and things are falling from above, some of it watery, inside the house.

It started in July when the ceiling of the Bean’s first floor office began to drip ominously.  Personally, I do not work well with water torture, but she just put a bucket under it and called the plumbers.  They said it would be a day and a half before they could get here, so she put a giant tub under it, which turned out to be smart.  The upshot was that the toilet had crapped out (get it? – Thomas Crapper, miss identified inventor of toilet). [Bean said no more stupid jokes.  Sorry.] Worse the cast iron beneath it had to be removed as it was literally crumbling, which would mean the floor would be ruined in the process, and the new ADA complaint commode would not fit beneath the counter, so the vanity would have to be changed out, or at least it’s counter top, so…remodel. We waved goodbye to the old throne as it exited the building.

Waiting, waiting, waiting… everyone is either too busy or dropped the ball or something.  Did I mention this began like any other July 11 day?  Fast forward to October, everyone back on track, and finally the construction person come and spent two days ripping out the vanity and the floor, which was put in back in the day when tile floors were set in inches of concrete.  Yup, real concrete. Seriously thick and heavy concrete.  He broke it up, dug it out, bagged it all in industrial strength plastic bags, and tossed it out the second floor window.  No stray cats were harmed in the process.  Was supposed to be a one-day job that became two. He returned to cut out the 1st floor ceiling and remove a wall panel for access to waste stack. And when the ceiling went, the concrete pebbles that were resting comfortably and fully contained on the upside underneath portion thereof then rained down upon us like a plague.  Warning: do not stomp when walking in this zone or wear a hard hat and steel-toed boots.

Once the bath had been totally gutted except for the free-standing shower that free standing monument to what was (it’s tiled inside and out and raised up off the non-existent floor), plumbers came on board.  They set about attempting to pull out rotten cast iron and replace it with PVC.  And then two separate leaks showed up, so Bean was glad they were around.  The tide will be stemmed.  Now plumbing has gone from a one-day job to two, and a very messy one at that.  Every time they touch anything, more concrete pebbles rain down along with drip-drip-drip from the leaks.  But when they are finished, today, we will have new PVC, no leaks, and we will be ready for the return of a bathroom floor.

One thing of note. When you remove floor tile plus the inches of concrete beneath it, the floor drops.  Significantly.  Bean and Mr. Bean have had to use a step-stool to enter the shower which, instead of being six inches off the floor is now more like 10″ off the floor, but only when there’s a slab of plywood down.  Otherwise, they’d have to dance across the floor joists and pole fault to get in.

Next week we expect the construction dude to sister on some new taller joists and install a new subfloor followed hotly by some tile guys to lay down a new floor and repair the base tile which was damaged.  We also lost the ceramic toothbrush holder on the wall.  RIP old holder – we miss you. We hope to see a replacement arrive with the tile guy next week.  Once tiling is done, the plumbers come back to install a new vanity, countertop, sink, and commode.  O frabjous day!

But those are merely the plans, not necessarily the facts of the matter.  Remember, this all began in July.


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