Moving onward…

In Virginia, we escaped the wrath of Irma, but so many in the southeast and in the islands did not.  We are sad for them – the mess we see on television is truly terrible.  I think it’s one of those things where you wonder how the people there will begin to cope with the cleanup, and then you realize that they will probably operate on auto-pilot to simply do what has to be done.  When anything bad happens, Happy tells me to not think about how hard it’s going to be to fix it, but to just do it.  I think that’s probably what they will do.  But I’m sorry for them.  Consider giving to the Red Cross – they do great work.

On a lighter note, Monday is Hitty Club.  They are a bit off schedule (normally meeting in November, February, May, and August) in order to accommodate a member who was out of town for quite a while, and they adjusted two meetings to catch themselves back up.  This meeting is special – it’s the end of their 5th year as a club, so they are celebrating their 5th anniversary with gifts for Hitty and a party-like atmosphere, without an activity.  I’m sure they will think of something to do – like talk each other’s heads off!

The temps are finally cooler, signaling the end of true summer and time to enter the autumnal realm in a week.  These are the final days of summer, folks.  Get in one last dip at the pool, have a picnic, take a boat ride, romp in the grass, look for any lingering fireflies, enjoy the final blooming flowers, and gather up any remaining veggies from your garden.  Summer 2017 is about to end.  Autumn is in session…but can winter be far behind.

But good news –  Spring and summer will both reappear next year! I say, enjoy each season for what it has to bring.  Moving onward…


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