Holy hot frijoles!

Just last week I was writing about our heat wave.  Now it’s more like a giant heat zone that some might call an oven.  We are baking, broiling, and steaming in Virginia.  I seriously fear my resin self will melt.  I have warned the Ruruko gang to stay indoors since they are not made of such stern stuff as I, and they literally could suffer an actual and potential phychotic melt-down.  It’s bad.  But what do we do?

Our Adventure Bear, Breezy, chose a nice cup in the ice cube tray to hang out.

Breezy in the freezy

The dollie campground was empty today, and only some dry dust blows through.  You can see the heat waves wafting up from the pavement.  The neighbor’s cat, Henry, is surely hiding under a bush somewhere, too hot to even venture over to beg his portion of cat food, always happily dispensed to him by one of the household.  His family is extremely negligent.  The birds don’t have the energy to tweet or chirp.  I personally can hardly type this column with all the stops to wipe up the drips on the keyboard as I sweat it out.  Even sweating makes me sweat.

Whatever were she thinking when Bean decided to attend the UFDC Convention in Orlando.  Didn’t she understand that’s in Florida, home of extreme heat, humidity, and alligators? Baby Bean was actually born there, so she should know how horrid it would be in late July and August. I imagine that we won’t even have to be cooked to become Gator lunch – one foot out of our air-conditioned rental car and we are toast.

But wait.  I just checked that weather internet site and lo!  It’s cooler there than here!!! And it’s not the dust bowl we are but is raining almost daily there to boot.  Can we please, PLEASE leave tomorrow, not two weeks from now? Please???





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