We’re having a heat wave

Thank goodness I’m resin or I’d melt in this heat.  Yesterday it was 99 here with a heat index in triple digits.  Well, so this is not a fun zone.

The thought of heading south to Orlando in a couple of weeks makes my internal stringing stretch and sag.  I can only imagine how hot it might be there.  Bean used to live there (youngest Bean Sprout was born in Orlando), so she knows and also dreads the humidity that comes with FL heat.  It’s ugly there, although all interiors are AC-equipped at least, some actually to the point of needing coats to survive.  So outside it’s blazing saddles, and indoors it’s a blizzard.  Crazy stuff.

Auntie Bean lives in the Pacific Northwest where nobody seems to have AC in their homes, despite the annual heat wave that last a week or so.  Those people get all excited when they see the sun, but when it lasts more than a week and produces actual heat and not just light, they aren’t so thrilled.  Fortunately, it’s generally a short-lived experience.  My Bean says no heat wave is short enough for her.  She’s a bit on the hot-house delicate side: too hot is no good and too cold is no good.  She prefers “just right.”  Hard to come by here in central Virginia.

So wherever you are this week, and whatever the weather, just be comfy and safe and just warm enough but be chill.


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