Saying Goodbye

We had to say goodbye to Auntie Glenda, Cousin Pip, and Cousin Amalynn on Wednesday afternoon.  Everyone was pretty sad.  Smidge and Cousin Kestrel went to the airport with our Bean to say goodbye.  Photobombed by Auntie Glenda

When they came back, they told the rest of us all about it.  There were a few tears.  It’s hard to have them for so long and then have to say goodbye to them.  But they’ll be back.  And Smidge and Kestrel will see them again when they go…oh, I shouldn’t tell secrets.

And then Kestrel and Cooper went home with their Bean last night.  Auntie Sara came to pick them up and help move boxes (we are drowning in boxes moved from the cleaned out house).  One house may be cleared out but now our house isn’t.  Ugh.  Anyway, we had to say goodbye again.  More sadness.  We miss them all. When they left, little Riley must have jumped out of the case because Auntie texted in the middle of the night to report him missing.  Bean promised we would care for him, but now Smidge (after being told she could not keep Riley) wants a dog.  Good Grief!


We are trying to sort out boxes and get organized, but that’s not happening very fast.  The house is full and we can barely pick our way through it, much less begin to organize what’s in it.

In three weeks, Bean, Smidge, and I leave for Orlando and this year’s UFDC Convention. We all went last year.  Smidge has a special pouch Bean wears so Smidge can see everything.  She texts me on her “pinkmost cell,” and I report daily on their doings from our Suite.  OK, it’s just a room, but whatever.  I know my fans will want to read all about the doings there, so I’ll keep reminding you.  And in just over a week after our return. a friend from MN will be visiting, and we will all go to a carving here in Virginia.  So much excitement to look forward to.

But we miss Auntie, Pip, Amalynn, Kestrel, and Cooper.

Family is for loving.

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