For some time, we have been harboring a secret (and I could hardly contain myself) from Auntie Glenda and Cousin Pip – a new big sister for Pip has been staying at the house for a couple of months.  She told us her name was Amethyst, and she’s a cutie.  She has purple hair, just like Pip, so we knew right away they were destined.  Not even Auntie Glenda knew she was here, so we are all beside ourselves with excitement for this visit. That’s Amethyst in the main photo with all the Ruruko cousins surrounding her. So cute, though she looks a wee bit overwhelmed.

And yesterday, Auntie Glenda and Pip finally came!  They are here for just over a week.  Tomorrow is Auntie Sara’s eldest daughter’s art showcase at her high school (Center for the Arts), something they do twice a year.  My bean made sure Auntie Glenda knew she could come a bit early and get to attend this spring showcase with the rest of the family.  They will all also attend a friend’s wedding in another week.  Lots of doings for Bean, Aunties, little Beans, and Cousins.

And when Auntie Glenda and Pip go home, Cousin Kestrel is going with them for a nice visit until they come back in June.  Kestrel and Amethyst have already met, and they are the same size, so I know they will have fun together and it won’t seem so strange since they’ll be with each other.  And they will have more than a week to get to know and love cousin Pip before they leave.  My bean says she may need to get busy making some sleeping bags for them.  Pip is all out of sorts over where Kestrel will stay since her house is…well, Pip sized rather that Kestrel/Amethyst size.  It’s a good thing that Pip had no idea there would be two bigger girls going home with her or she’d have been a complete mess.  I’m sure this thought will strike her soon, so there may be some sort of melt down.

But for now, we have wonderful visitors and all sorts of fun stuff going on here.

I hope you have fun stuff going on where you are too.

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