They are home

Smidge, Goobie, and the Bean (doesn’t that sound a bit like a book title or a film?) are home.  I know they were worn out.  Smidge and Goobie didn’t even want to emerge from the Pinkmost Capsule for three days, and the Bean went to bed early and got up late every day.  They seem to be normalizing now, which is somewhat of a relief.

They reported that lots of Spiller and Arrietty dolls as well as a Homily and a Pod were born in Arkansas.  The dolls come from a book series about them, The Borrowers.  They are little people who live in the walls, beneath the floor boards, and anywhere near humans from which they borrow.  No humans?  They must move to find some since they are primarily dependent on the humans’ larders, gardens, and crumbs. Missing something?  It’s been put to good use by the borrowers.

Now the Bean, who mostly finished her Spiller, Spiller

who she’s admired for many years in the form of a head carved by Janet Cordell (see above photo of Janet’s head), is heavily into scavenging the trash, watching the gutters, and saying a lot of “don’t throw that out!”  Bottle caps have become plates, safety pins are towel racks, and all manner of what we once might have called disposable suddenly has its uses.  Bean says her Spiller is not up to par with Janet’s Spiller, but he will be welcomed no matter what. Hopefully, he’ll be finished soon and we can show him off.

Naturally, as you may have guessed, she plans to make her dollhouse sized Borrowers a house, furnished primarily with castoffs borrowed from the human world.  She’s developing a fine collection – a cogwheel for the fireplace, her matchbox dresser, made in Arkansas, and a Champagne cork stool.  She needs to finish carving her Spiller and then get to work carving Homily (the mother), Arrietty (the young daughter), and Pod (the papa).  I do love a new project, as does the Bean, and no doll is complete without a place to sleep.  Happily, these new friends are small enough that Spiller could actually bunk in with me if necessary… and if he wanted to.  I’ll tell him that when next I see him.  He’s a bit elusive, that Spiller, and he’s very much the silent type.

The perfect housemate.





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