Road trips are always nice, but so is staying home, which I’m doing this time.  Most of the doll siblings and cousins will be here with the old cat (Flashlight as they call her on Facebook, or Wiki-Wiki, her given name).  Only the Bean, Smidge, and her friend Goobie are heading off to Winslow, Arkansas on this trip.

Also this week, though nearly a week ago now, Bean’s best friend’s son shipped out.  Well, plane-d out since he flew, but still he’s gone.  Joined the Navy and is headed for boot camp at Great Lakes Training Center before heading on to Texas in a couple more months.  That was a tough goodbye, but all the littles must grow up, and so he’s off on his Grand Adventure.  We are very happy for him, even though we will miss him.  Bean has known him since he was 6, and he’s 19 now. Time flies. So getting away is good for Bean right now.  Changes are inevitable, and she says one must view these changes as just a new path and a fresh adventure.

Smidge and Goobie have been poring over clothing, with Goobie trying on Smidge’s left-overs, the things that are NOT pink, so totally unwearable in Smidge’s mind.  Goobie seems to enjoy her new borrowed clothing.  It’s very handy to have a friend who is just your size with some spares. They finally found a few things that Smidge agreed to loan out (the tricky part), and they finished packing their things yesterday.  They had to leave the kittens at home (Happy insisted, telling them they weren’t allowed where they were going), and I promised to take care of them.  The bigger ones will care for the trees, watering and singing to them.  Auntie Sara will take care of Flashlight and keep a watch on things.

I’m rather looking forward to this quiet time to relax.  There always seems to be a lot of hustle and bustle since the Bean is always engaged in some project or having friends over or getting phone calls, and Smidge is….well, she’s Smidge.  Anyway, some peace and quiet will do me good and regenerate my spirit every bit as much as a vacation to Arkansas, so I’m very content to sit at home on my Stay-cation.

A Stay-cation means I don’t work, so that’s what I’ll be doing next week – not working.  Bean laughed at that and says that because she’s an online tutor for the university, her work travels with her and she never really gets a break from it. I sympathize, but I’m secretly glad my work doesn’t follow me, or stick too closely to me.

So safe passage to Bean, Smidge, and Goobie.  I’ll be home, chilling.  See you all in two weeks on the 14th.

Ho hum, where’s the paper and my slippers?

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