Yup, we are making our lists and checking them twice.  It’s time for a road trip!

Smidge, Goobie, and probably not me (I haven’t decided if I’m going yet, but I can still write my column with info the Bean sends to me) will be headed to Arkansas via rental car exactly one week from tomorrow.  The fact that a full week of time exists prior to departure means nothing to Smidge.  She made the Bean pull out her giant box of clothing to see if there would be anything suitable for Goobie to borrow, since she arrived with nothing but her … well, with what she had on.

Smidge’s Giant Pink Box with a top loading compartment and three drawers inside is filled to the brim with tiny pink clothing for her highness.  First of all, it means that everything inside is pink and Smidge approved, so the contents are (naturally) entirely unsuitable for her friend Goobie, who is simply not a pink gal: second, it means that “suitable for Smidge” suggests that there will be no sharing, no matter how good a friend Goobie might be.  Hmm.  I have offered Goobie a spare sleeping bag.

Fortunately, the Bean noticed a “discard” box nearby, and in it were all the things Smidge possessed which she had, for some reason (as in “not pink”), rejected.  So they dug around until they found a couple of things for poor Goobie to wear, along with her one outfit and her nightgown.

They are also making lists of important items, printing directions, updating the GPS, and packing up a first aid kit since Smidge is nurse in charge on the adventure.  She will take at least one uniform, of course.  She feels she must, at the least, look official.  Since they are attending a wood-carving workshop, it’s practically a guarantee that some blood will be spilled.  She’s gathering Band-Aids, ointments, some more serious wrap-around bandages, and a few soothing items (dolls and such) for victims to hold for comfort while they are being attended to medically.  Smidge says these things are bound to happen, so she wants to be fully prepared at the nursing station.

Hopefully, this will all fit in the rental car with room to spare since Bean is picking up her friend and roommate at the airport on the way there.  Smidge is not a light packer…I shall attempt to supervise and help her condense.

Only one week. Are you making your list? Checking it twice? When in doubt, follow Smidge’s advice.

Bring everything:  leave nothing behind and nothing to chance!


2 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Hope Smidge’n’Gooby haves fun! Smidge’s a good nurse. She’ll make sure alla big people is ok, even if they bleed everywhere. If you’s inna breadbox all by your lonesome, I’ll pop by an’ say hi sometime, k?


  2. Snip agrees it would be quite lovely to see you, and suggests you might sit down and play cards with him if you have time.


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