I’ve looked for it everywhere, but it’s gone.  I checked under the bed, behind the chair, and on top of the bookcase, but it just isn’t there.  I asked the cat if she saw it and she simply looked at me sadly and walked away.  So when I say it’s gone, it’s gone.

My bean says this has happened to her too.  She’s lost it, or at least lost track of it. Sometimes it seemed to be a productive loss, and at others, it was more like accidentally putting out the sterling silver for the trash man.  He takes it, and then it’s too late: it’s just gone, never to be recovered.

Sure, you can go to the dump and dig through the rubble, and good luck with that. Some things can be located and retrieved, but not this. Never this.

We all claim to value it highly, but then we waste it, as if there will always be some endless supply of it, which is to say that really, it’s not at all valuable.  And of course that isn’t true.  It’s the essence of everything, but all things have an end.

Farewell to yesterday’s time, lost and gone forever.

I’m sorry I didn’t remember to even say goodbye.

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