Singing to the trees

This is Goobie’s second week with us, and she managed to interest Smidge in some gardening.  Happy got a plant wish-book in the mail this past week, and while it’s rather large for them, they somehow managed to handle it.

Their interest was so strong that she felt compelled to purchase a living plant for each of them – young Bay Laurel trees.  Smidge named hers Bay and Goobie named hers Laurel.  After admiring them near the Glamper and Sweet shop, they read the tag and learned that they like full sun.  So they somehow dragged the container with the two trees in it out to the sunroom so they could have sunlight whenever they wanted it.  Then Auntie Glenda told them she talks to her plants; never ones to just do anything part way, Smidge and Goobie decided to sing to their trees.

Therein lies another tale, a tale of Wassailing the Apple tree.  There are two types of Wassailing, the kind where peasants go door-to-door and the houses they visit would bring out food and drink in exchange for their good blessings and good will.  You’ve all probably sung the song, “Here We Come a Wassailing.”  The other sort of wassailing refers to the ancient custom of visiting orchards in cider-producing regions of England, reciting incantations and singing to the trees to promote a good harvest for the coming year. Now our poor old apple tree, yes we have only one rather than a full orchard, apparently needed more Wassailing that the Bean gave it after we moved to this house, but the first year Bean and friends did it right, under the full moon on Epiphany, singing their hearts out for the tree and chanting,

Here’s to thee, old apple tree,
That blooms well, bears well.
Hats full, caps full,
Three bushel bags full,
An’ all under one tree.
Hurrah! Hurrah!

It did bear fruit for a several years after that, but basically, it’s now dead and about to fall over.  And it’s all because they only Wassailed it one year. Bean needs better friends and some motivation.

So, this is the lesson we all must learn: sing to your trees, people.  If you want them to thrive, sing. This is why Goobie and Smidge are singing daily to their Bay Laurel trees. These two dedicated gardeners have been most attentive to the trees, refusing to leave their sides.  Worried about them standing about for so long, Happy brought out the folding chairs from the Glamper for them.  They chose “My Little Nut Tree” as this week’s song.

I hab a widdle nut tree,
Nutin wud it bare,
But a silvr nutmeg
An a goldn pair.

The King of Spain’s dawtur
Cum ta visit me,
An all fur da sak
Ob ma widdle nut tree.

Sing, most sincerely. Everyone, sing.

But could you perhaps find a new song for next week?  Please



2 thoughts on “Singing to the trees

  1. That could be a plan. Perhaps we should make a pilgrimage to a forest of linden wood trees and begin a large choral concert.


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