Mail call

So I was inside and Smidge and Goobie were in the sunroom, singing to their trees, when the postal carrier rang the bell yesterday.  There was a small box, bigger than me, so Happy brought it in.  It had her name in the address, but Goobie and Smidge’s names were in red on the outside with a heart and arrow through it between them.  WP_20170310_004

But it wasn’t addressed to them, so I asked and Happy said I could open it.  There were two lumpy bags inside, addressed to them, so I set them aside.  But there were other things too, hard and flat, and five of them.  I unwrapped them one by one.WP_20170310_005

Lots of paper (I kinda made a mess) but eventually, I had unwrapped a really cool card table and chairs, totally meant for me.  I mean, the chairs had red seats and backs, and the table had a red felt top.  Everyone knows I like red.  Mine for sure, and Happy agreed.WP_20170310_010

So I rearranged my Breadbox, hauling the hammock up to the sun deck (no small feat), and installed the table and chairs on my patio.   Perfect fit.  And then I borrowed two decks of cards from Smidge, who never uses them anyway, even though she’s had them for a year and a half!  She kept them in a basket under the bottom bunk of the Glamper.  What a waste of perfectly good cards.  She’s never even opened them, so I figured it was long past time to put them to use.

She found out.  Smidge knows everything.  Why she is so selfish with something she has never used is beyond me, but she took great exception to my taking without asking, which is a fair complaint.  So I said I was sorry I got a bit overenthusiastic and took them without asking, and could I please borrow them since she wasn’t using them.  She said no!  And that’s when a huge argument ensued, and Happy had to come to break it up and see what was going on.  We told her.

Our Bean quite reasonably pointed out that I would not harm the cards, which were meant to be played with; Smidge hadn’t even opened the boxes since she found them in her Flamingo Stocking at Krismiss in 2015; and there was no good reason she shouldn’t share things with her cousin.  Smidge is normally a most reasonable individual, and I guess she was just mad about what I’d done without asking, and really I don’t blame her.

Anyways, Smidge accepted my most sincere apology, and I invited Goobie and her to come to the Breadbox for a few games later.  They said no at first, but then Happy said they needed to get in more (don’t Beans usually tell us to get out more?) and not spend all their time with the trees, which she said would be just fine without them 24/7.  So they said yes.

Now, I have to go home and sweep up.  Company is coming, and we’re gonna have fun.

Lesson: Don’t take things that don’t belong to you without permission.


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