Big Doings

On Saturday, there was a Doll Show just two miles down the road from us, so Bean and Smidge, armed with a long list of desires from Auntie Sara & her gang, went to see what they could find.  I stayed home – the crowds at the doll shows are overwhelming, and I prefer open spaces.

At the show, they saw lots of people from the Williamsburg Doll Club of which Happy Bean is a member, and they even saw Bean Scopel, Goobie’s Mama, and her UFDC Region 11 Director, who immediately wanted to introduce Smidge to a friend she’d brought along with her…a human friend. Smidge got a new dress, a tiny baby that lives around here somewhere got a sleeper, and the Bean bought gifts for two others, which she refused to divulge.  She said it was fun.

A friend who is a Hitty Club member and lives a distance away came back from the show with Bean to spend the rest of the weekend.  Bean spent Sunday cooking for Monday’s Hitty Club meeting: ginger-chicken-salad stuffed croissants.  Yum.  The friend attended a toy and doll exhibit at a museum. Monday, the rest of Hitty Club came and they made some really cute stools.  Alas, they were too big for Smidge and me.  All the people went home Monday afternoon … except for Goobie Scopel.  Yup, Goobie’s here.

We managed to get the Glamper out of winter storage and all sorted out ahead of time, and we made sure there was extra space near where we parked it for Goobie to put her Sweets Shop.  Goobie is rather fond of sweets and candy, so her shop goes where she goes, despite being almost big enough to live in.  Someone asked whether she worked there, and the answer is no. Truthfully, given her love of sweets, I suspect the shop could be emptied out before Goobie goes home, not because she sold anything but because she may have eaten everything.  She also brought her watering can in case they decide to garden, something Smidge is considering, and her bug box containing her bug and butterfly collection. So far, the Bean is happy to report that nothing crawling has escaped.  I think they spent the day looking through a seed catalogue.

The nicer weather has mostly held.  We had a storm day this week, but we also saw a lot of sun and pleasant weather.  Even though it’s not quite spring, it is definitely feeling like it.  Glad it’s not my job to mow the grass – it’s taller than I am.

Nice tall grass, perfect for hiding Easter eggs and candy.

Say, did you notice there’s a pie missing from the Sweet Shop? Hmmm…


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