Our Coming Guest

We met Goobie Scopel last year (spring 2016) when we all took a trip together to North Carolina with our Bean, her Bean, and another friend of both of the Beans.  Today’s picture collage and its accompanying story is courtesy of Bean Mama Scopel and features the three of us at a nice stop along the way, an antique mall where we found lots of things to explore.  You probably recognize me.  Goobie is wearing a pink heart dress and Smidge has on her long pink hair (she’s gone short-hair since, but might grow it out again sometime).  Although all of what we saw drew us in like magnets, we managed to resist and leave them all behind, but we sure had fun while we were there.

Goobie’s Mama will be going away for an extended period, and Smidge didn’t want Goobie to be all alone, so she invited her to stay with us.  Last week, we got all the pertinent information about Goobie and a written permission for her to be our temporary guest, including any travel we do…which of course we will.

This has inspired Smidge to get all the able bodied dollies to help haul down the Glamper from Winter Storage so that they have a place to stay.  Of course our Bean, being the less-than-perfect housekeeper, is all a-flurry, trying to make space and clear things out for Smidge’s guest who is arriving on the same day as the Hitty Club, which is the tail end of a weekend of fun doings (including a doll show) with a weekend house guest.  Everything exciting at our house always seems to happen at once.

This is gonna be fun.  Stay tuned.


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