SMIDGE: She’s baa-ack!

Cousin Smidge arrived home Wednesday afternoon, just minutes after our Bean got the bad news that, yet again, the City Inspector, would not be coming.  He didn’t bother to tell her or the company that did the generator installation who requested the inspection.  Instead, he just blew it off, and then whined that the Company Rep should have called him, which she did, and she then slammed back that since he knew all the numbers, he should have called the clients he blew off.  OK, it could go on and on – Bean is madder than that proverbial wet hen – but it’s just a long boring story without a happy ending, so….

But suddenly, all that disappointment was gone because Smidge was home.  Hooray for Smidge and the postal service.  We have her royal Pinkness in the house and in our arms.  She’s glad to see her newish brother Chase again, who she had barely met before going off with her BFF, Voir de Wizzy, for a 7-week sojourn, and Smidge was beside herself thrilled to meet her newly adopted sister,  Elizabeth “Pinkly” Pinkerton, for the very first time.  I think she was also fairly pleased to see me. We are cousins, but we are also very good friends.

Our bossy little Pink miss was tired, but once she rested up, just full of all the fun she had, her horrid trip home, the excitement of being with Voir, the baking, the skating, the nursing, Krismiss, her birthday….yup, she’s back.  And you know what?  We are glad to have her.

You never really know how much you’ll miss someone until they aren’t with you every day.  This was Smidge’s first trip away from us, and although we kept up with her doings via Facebook, it wasn’t the same as having her here.

We are family.  Welcome home Smidge.

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