Keeping it light

After some consideration, we (the Royal “we”) have decided that we needed to remember that people read our (the Royal “our”) column primarily for enjoyment and entertainment.  We don’t want to become the doom and gloom of the dollie world, so we decided to keep it light and interesting, as much as is humanly (dolliely?) possible.

Some updates are definitely in order. Today, we announce some major changes regarding household residents.  We have added two new members to our dollie family.  First, I am extremely pleased to introduce to you my new brother, Chase Herbert, who has finally emerged from the mausoleum where he’s been hiding out from the Bean’s daughter (that is a VERY long story for another day) to become a full-fledged member of our household. I’m pretty excited since the only other male member prior to Chase was the most diminutive House Boy (yes that’s his name, not his occupation) who rarely stepped off the shelf.  Not much of a player, House Boy.  Cute but quiet. So a hearty welcome to Chase, namesake of the male hero of Shelby Bach’s book series, The Ever Afters.  Bean says to tell you the series is highly recommended for anyone over the age of 10 or so (5th grade +).  Bean has confessed to reading all four books four times each.  Awesome.  I totally look up to Chase – literally.  He’s about twice my height.

Second, there is Pinkly.  Her full name is Elizabeth Pinkerton, but she goes by Pinkly.  She is a honest-to-goodness detective!  Pinkly arrived very recently, but she is making friends rapidly with her winning personality.  As you might guess from Pinkly’s nickname, Smidge Herbert had a hand in bringing her to our home.  She is pink-haired and prefers pink clothing.  Hmm…now who else does that sound like?  The featured photo for this column is of Chase and Pinkly, who just opened a “welcome to the family” gift from her cousin Pip.  Nice tote…and it’s pink, of course.

They are currently both hard at work securing some decent living conditions.  I’m trying to help with that, but I’m sorta small, so from my lower vantage point I mostly find dust-bunny igloos, which aren’t large enough to accommodate them but may become my eternal resting place. ((cough*cough))   Not sure how this will work out, but I’m sure they will find a place to stay in short order.

Meanwhile, we all await the arrival of our dear Smidge, who will be home soon, back from her extended visit in MN with her best friend, Voir de Wizzy.  Any day now…

Wait… is that the doorbell?

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