Party Day

No, not THAT party.  Smidge’s party.  Late last year, the final day in fact, was Smidge Herbert’s birthday.  Most people tend to party a little on December 31  anyway, since it’s also New Year’s Eve, but we party because it’s Smidge Day. Not so 2016.

Let me just say that Smidge is probably one of the sweetest dollies I know.  She’s very tiny – only 4.5″ – but she commands attention.  She can be anxious and nervous, but she can also be soothing and gentle. She can be impatient at times, she rules the house with her tiny force of will, and everyone bows to her wishes. But while she’s demanding, she also treats others with kindness and compassion, and she dispenses her miniature pearls of wisdom when asked…and sometimes when she’s not asked.  Need advice? Ask Smidge.  Need something done?  She’s your gal. Want pink?  Oh yes – she’s the epitome of pink.

Not all our resident dollies even know their birthdays, much less celebrate them.  But Smidge celebrates and remembers all things, so she makes sure that we do as well.  We had a huge party for her last year.  I say that as if I were there, but I had not yet arrived to my Cousin Smidge’s home when that party took place. The others told me it was a monster party at the Capital City Convention Center, sponsored by the Hittys.  Voir de Wizzy, her BFF who lives in Minnesota, was here, and they played games, danced, had cake & punch, and watched Smidge open presents.  They enjoyed themselves Smidge style.

This year, Smidge went to visit with Voir in early December, intending to stay through Krissmiss, her birthday, and the new year before coming home. Unfortunately, Voir’s Human Bean, Wizzy, became woozy with a lay-me-down-and-die-before-I-fall-off-the-edge-of-the-earth virus, so the party planned for Smidge was dropped and they quickly switched gears and donned their nursing uniforms to care for her. NOTE: Nursing is Smidge’s life, and she was pleased to tour and take a refresher class at St. Brutals Hospital in Minnesota with Voir during her stay.

We believe some big Washington, D.C. event, also scheduled for today, will be totally eclipsed by Smidge’s party, being held at Voir’s home in Minnesota.  I’ve heard that there will be presents, Rainbow Pizza, disco dancing, and ice skating on Wintermitten Island at a party that begins this morning and runs the entire day and into the evening with lots of drop-in guests.  I’ve heard a rumor about lots of pink, too, since that’s Smidge’s favorite color.  I know it will be fun because wherever Smidge and Voir are together, there is fun.

Happy belated birthday, Cousin Smidge.  You are loved.

I’m with Smidge! Let’s party!

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