Oops indeed!

OK, I lost track of my days this week and apparently fooled around until I suddenly, just now, learned it was Friday, my column day.  And here I am without a Snippet to my name.

According to Dictionery.com, “Oops” is an “interjection, used to express mild dismay, chagrin, surprise, etc., as at one’s own mistake, a clumsy act, or social blunder.”  Yup.  My fault, a silly mistake, and yes, I’m totally dismayed.  And yet…

Out of many things, an idea is born.  We all make mistakes.  It’s really nothing to be ashamed of as long as it was honestly a mistake.  Where did that term “honest mistake” come from, I wondered.  Well, I still don’t know that answer, but the general idea is that the person who made the mistake did so unknowingly without any malice or attempt to deceive.  It just happened by mistake.  Yup, that was me today.

So I’m going to forgive myself, and hope you all will too.  I’ll try to do better next week.  That’s the best any of us can do, I believe.

Moving on…

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