The Conventions are over, and the UFDC one that I attended was a working vacation, which means it wasn’t really a vacation at all. So now it’s time to go have some fun!

Smidge, Happy Bean, Mr. Happy, and I are going to be heading off on a real vacation, flying out to spend a week with Cousin Pip, Auntie Glenda, and Uncle Mr. GT.  We are also inviting a Hitty or two to join us.

Smidge made this trip last year to visit the relations, but this will be my first time.  Smidge is slightly apprehensive, due to an incident where one of the resident canines abruptly (and without warning) performed a snatch and run with her last year.  He caused her to lose a hand…or maybe it was a foot (she is still so traumatized she can’t quite express the event accurately), and he drooled all over her and her pink hairs.  She had to get a new “do” after the experience.  And now there is a second, even more energetic and untrustworthy canine in residence. Smidge has me a bit nervous, too.  After all, I have hands, feet, and hair myself.

Meanwhile, all across the United States, we have suffered a heat wave that seems to not want to go away.  The Beans suffer more than we dollies do, but it’s hot for Human Beans, their furry pet friends, and the dollies.  Fortunately for us, the Pacific Northwest, where we are headed, is less hot than it is at home, and despite all the negativity regarding how much it rains out there, it’s really more of a mist or a drizzle, and so much less humid, though with all that mist and drizzle, it’s hard to imagine how it’s less.  But it’s generally about 20 degrees cooler there in the summer than here, and the damp that falls in the summer falls much less often.  And in the summer, the sun is out where we can actually see it!  Thank goodness for some better weather.  I’m ready to wave bye-bye to the heat and humidity of the East Coast, and greet the cooler temperate Northwest.

Hello, Seattle area!!  As of Saturday, Snip’s in town!



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