Glowing Season

It’s the time .. of the season
and it’s time for … fireflies.

Whether you call them lightening bugs, glow worms, moon bugs, fireflies, or something else, they have a season.  Their season is summer, and summer is finally here.  The days are long, the kids stay outside late because it’s too hot to sleep, and the skeeters are hungry.  It’s that time of year when every kid demands a jar with a lid to go out and capture these magical creatures called fireflies.  They flit around the edges of yards, in bushes, their little fluorescent behinds flickering in the night as they signal to one another.

I’ve heard that there was, or perhaps still is, a firefly shortage.  There are many reasons proposed including too many humans in the fireflies’ habitat, too many pesticides, or too much light that chases them off.  Personally, I think it could be caused by the expansion in population and the bazillion kids out there, collecting them in jars with lids.  Sure they put holes in the tops of the jars, and sometimes they even include some grasses or twigs for them, but sure as shooting, although the bugs continue to twinkle and light up the night in their bed-side jars, by morning they are out for the count.  Dead as…well, dead fireflies.  Thus, the shortage.

Smart moms and dads will go into their kids’ rooms and return the little phosphorescent buglets to the great outdoors where they dutifully empty the jars of their contents while the wee things are still alive.  Better to believe your captured firefly has escaped than to know it perished because you were selfish and locked it in a jar.  Too sad.

But despite kids and their jars, fireflies are still out there, still casting their glows, lighting up magical summer nights, and making even the most grown up grownup remember a childhood delight.  We all still want to grab our own jars and race through backyards full of biting mosquitoes, just for the sheer pleasure of a firefly’s company.

But who would be so unkind as to hold a fairy captive, leaving it to die of a broken heart?

Not me. Never me.

Be free, little fireflies.  I believe in fairies…  I believe in magic.

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