It’s the U.S.A.’s birthday!!  Well, not today, but Monday, the 4th of July. Let’s celebrate!

Our personal celebration is taking place on Saturday since that’s the final day we will have Auntie Glenda.  We will have Auntie Sara, Mr. George, and the two Mini Beans here too, along with Cousins Smidge and Pip.  It’s a fun family time before Auntie Glenda and Cousin Pip have to go home on Sunday.  And it’s a great time for us all to be together to celebrate our country’s birthday!

We are “old” – 240 this year, if my calculator was right.  We chose to be a free country long ago in order to provide freedoms for our citizens, including the freedom to worship as we see fit.  Yet for some reason, some citizens feel it’s their right to place their choice of religion and beliefs above others in a sort of back-stepping prejudicial movement.  It’s not so much about actively putting others’ beliefs down but simply elevating their religious beliefs to a more important place when it comes to creating or dismissing laws of the land. Some use their religious beliefs to denigrate others’.

I suppose that on one hand, they could claim that they are simply exercising their right to free speech, their right to express their opinions, but sometimes they seem to go too far, pushing us backwards into an era of discrimination.  Two tenets or rules that are not laws, rights, or freedoms are respect and tolerance.  If we are to all get along and have these great freedoms, we probably need to exercise a greater respect for and tolerance of others’ rights to believe as they choose.  We are all entitled to choose for ourselves and to not be denigrated for our choices.

So this weekend on our 240th birthday, I propose RESPECT and TOLERANCE as the birthday gifts that I would most like to give to my fellow citizens and also to those around the world. Let’s be respectful of one another and more tolerant, perhaps not merely tolerating our differences but celebrating them. They are what make us special.

Celebrate RESPECT, celebrate TOLERANCE, celebrate FAMILY, celebrate July 4!

Celebrate large – hug the world!




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