Play day with Mini Beans

My Happy Bean and Auntie Glenda invited the mini-beans to come over for a play date.  Mini Merrin and Auntie Glenda made art, and Mini Katie and Happy Bean were cooking up things in the kitchen.

Planning a day of art and cookery takes a lot of time and effort to gather necessary supplies, but it’s worth it.  It reminds me of how important it can be to reach across generations, to teach them things we already know in fun ways, but also to simply do things together, to be together, talking and sharing.  In our technologically populated world where everything electronic is at our fingertips, it’s good to have some time to interact with others: friends, immediate family, and extended family.

So Friday was a play day.  Cousins Pip and Smidge and I looked on and smiled  The Grup Beans were exhausted by the end of the day, but it was a good exhaustion because the Mini Beans were happy campers.

So plan a play day with a younger…or an older.  In the immortal words of Martha Stewart, it’s a good thing.

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