Time for a road trip

My Happy Bean’s eldest granddaughter is graduating from high school tomorrow, so we are all going on a road trip to witness the big event – “all” being Cousin Smidge and me (of course) with Happy Bean, Mister Bean, Auntie Glenda, Auntie Sara, and Cousin Pip.

Said Grand lives in Charleston, SC, but her graduation is in Columbia, SC and not her home town.  A couple of years back, she decided she didn’t really have enough close school chums and wasn’t thrilled with the high school environment, so she got her parents to give her permission to “attend” a public online high school.  Turns out there are such things all over the US, including Virginia where we live, and most are tuition free, providing some standardized educational system for those who can’t or don’t want to attend a regular brick and mortar public school.

I was thinking that tuition-free Internet schools could be a great alternative to dropping out for motivated, young pregnant teens.  Although some districts operate schools just for those teen girls, not all do, and education is so important for them, particularly since many will end up being single parents with kids to support, so they will need all the education they can get.  A no or low-cost program they can complete at home is a super idea.

#1 Grand Bean’s choice to attend a home-based internet school had nothing to do with need and everything to do with want, but no matter the reason, it takes some determination to work alone without peers to challenge you.  She is ranked third in her class, and we are so proud of her.  This fall, she will attend The College of Charleston, rooming with her “from birth” friend.  She is the first, but there are four more behind her.

And the baby Grand Beans roll forth into the world….and the elder Beans beam with pride.

Congratulations, Kirsten. We love you.



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