Guess who’s coming…guess!

Can you guess?  Can you?  OK, it’s Cousin Pip and her Bean, Auntie Glenda!  They arrive on Tuesday, but we are in super cleaning mode now.  Mega cleaning mode.  Ultra cleaning mode.  Ugh.

Guests always require some prep, but this time we are cleaning not only the big house but our smaller houses (Smidge’s apartment and my Breadbox) and the Glamper too (the trip to Chicago was a very messy one).  I’m desperate to get the plasterers and flooring people into the Breadbox before Pip visits.  This is real world stuff, and not to be dismissed.  Auntie Glenda has allergies, so we need the house as clean as possible, and I don’t want to be embarrassed to show Cousin Pip my unfinished Breadbox!  Things must be spic and span.

The visit is an annual event.  Every June, Auntie Glenda visits my Happy Bean.  Every June, every year.  It’s all about family time.  They are Mother/Daughter in-laws, but also friends, so they look forward to time together and also to some time for Sara (Daughter Bean) to spend time with her Bestie and Sis in law.  Smidge and I are related too – cousins – and Cousin Pip is our cousin too, of course, but we are also all friends.

Friends and family.  It’s the BEST combination.

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