Moving on and up

This week, Bean’s  Granddaughter (#3) attended her high school orientation.  First of all, it seems like just yesterday that she was born, and now here she is ready to go to high school.  Second, it isn’t just any old high school, but a specialty High School Center for the Arts, visual arts to be precise.

Getting into the school was like applying for college.  They base their admissions on the applicants’ “strengths and skills level exhibited at the audition, prior training and experiences as stated on the application, recommendations from teachers or others included in the application, recommendations, student interviews, and student transcripts.”

We were hopeful when she applied, nervous for her for the audition, confident in her academic record, amazed by her artistic skills and abilities, but excited beyond belief that she was one of very few selected to attend.  Apparently, many apply but few actually make the cut.  But then we knew she had talent.  Now others know too.

And in just one month, we will attend the high school graduation of Granddaughter #1 (where does the time go?).  And next year, Granddaughter #2 graduates…  And so it goes, on down the line of five girls.

The little ones grow up, with our help, without it, and in spite of it.  We love them at every age.


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